Exposed: Digital Consumption Diary

To follow up on my post from last week’s embarrassing dive into my social media habits, this week I dive into my embarrassing iPhone usage. Although I hate to admit it, over the past couple of months, I have gotten extremely attached to the thing. I also realized, after speaking to a friend, that I don’t really need any other technology (with the exception of my work computer) to entertain me.

In my Digital Consumption Diary I found that I really only use my television (for background noise) and iPhone and the day I chose to record didn’t even remotely reflect my actual habits. I decided to record my habits on a Sunday when I am sitting in a lifeguard stand on the beach…where we’re not exactly supposed to use our phones…and I still managed to rack up time from the hours of 9am to 5:30pm. During the week, I am 100% on it more. I am always glancing at it during work or scrolling through an app; it is my cure for boredom (After I typed that line I actually just looked at my phone).

It was comforting to know that my classmates also seem to struggle with keeping off their phones and I’m sure our patterns are very similar to others.

One medium that stuck out to me as being lost is the traditional radio. Today, many people would rather listen to a music streaming service such as Pandora or Spotify or even their XM Radio. Personally, I enjoy the music feature on the iPhone (go figure). It will be interesting to find out what the future holds for traditional radio…

In other news, while going through my work email today I stumbled across an email from my local County College putting together a conference for college students and the community on using social media to promote businesses. I actually chuckled thinking back to class this week and our Breakout Groups forming agendas for a conference on the Digital Divide.

I thought that each group had a well thought out agenda that would be extremely beneficial to those who attend. I was particularly interested in Breakout group 2 as their agenda really focused on closing the gap in the digital divide. It really tackles how to close the divide and offers a great forum for ideas. I also really enjoyed the titles of Breakout Group 4 and thought they did an excellent job addressing the digital divide as well, in fact all groups did an excellent job.

Last week I tweeted an article that spoke about the Digital Divide in Cuba and how people without internet access were receiving files once a week to download and view on their computer so they could stay up to date on current events, music, etc. I thought this was an interesting solution to the problem, especially to those living far away from any internet service.

If interested, follow the link below!


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