Are Newspapers Dying?

Journalism has gone through many forms throughout the past. From the creation of the printing press to journalism’s merge with Digital Technology, there is no short of topic about the slow change. But now that people can get their news from online sources, is there really a need for journalism? Or is the idea of Citizen Journalism something that may take over.

One question that really strikes me is, Do people really care where their news source comes from? Would people be just as happy hearing about a fatal car crash from their friends’ tweets than a credible news source such as their local Newspaper? All that really seems to matter is who gets the information out first. If majority of people are getting their information based on a citizen observer, is there really a need for the Newspaper? In my opinion, yes. Although many times someone may get the first update from an undependable source, the reporters job is to get the details that are most up-to-date and correct. A citizen may dramatize the news, add four additional fatalities to a single fatality crash all for the viewership of their post. The news has always been a trusted source. Just because a newspaper may not have people reading their physical paper, they can still keep up with the other mediums by posting about a story on Twitter, Facebook, their website and much more.

Personally, I do care where my news is coming from. I would much rather hear about a story through CNN, the New York Times or even my local paper over a local citizen’s story of the incident. Reporters are paid to make sure they get the correct facts and go about it in a professional manner. Perhaps I respect these sources more because I’ve grown up reading the newspaper but I feel that this may also be a general opinion.

This leads to another topic of Newspapers and their potential to die. At the beginning of class, I came in believing that yes, Newspapers are dying, and they may be in their print form. But after I now believe, as an online resource, they are not. Newspapers will always exist through some sort of Digital Media, whether it be the Internet, Smart Phone, Tablet, Computer, etc. People love knowing what is going on in their community, newspapers just need to adapt to the time and the viewership.

One great example of changes with the times are apps. Apps lead to many interesting platforms for reading materials, my favorite being that of Amazon’s Kindle. But many magazines, as well as Newspapers have created their own apps for their readers’ enjoyment. These apps normally provide content that one may find in the print edition as well as special features such as behind-the-scenes for photo shoots or special tips for “app users only”. I think these tools will help companies who use them only grow their viewership and readers. I personally do not use any apps for magazines or newspapers but I think the concept is wonderful.

From my own work environment, it will be interesting to see how my Newspaper grows with the time. Already equipped with a website that draws a good amount of readers, being able to grow into other forms of media may only benefit us more. Only time will tell. My hope is that our readers will grow with us as well.


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