Advertising and Public Relations

Vacations are some of the best of times, but what I’m finding, while in Graduate School, is that they have a habit of completely messing with my flow of school work…I am regrettably posting my reflection from last week’s class much later than I intended to. Regardless, let’s get started.

This past week’s class spoke a lot about how Advertising and Public Relations have changed since their beginnings. It also gave me a chance to see which track would be more suitable to go into for myself as I still have not completely decided what I would like to go in to. I originally thought I wanted to go into Advertising as that is the field in which my job lies but in undergrad I always thought I wanted to do Public Relations.

Class gave me the chance to see that Advertising is a never-ending expansion of platforms to advertise on, from smart phones to tablets to computers, who knows what may pop up in the future for an advertisement to cover. With this new technology leads to pinpointing exactly what audience companies are looking to target which will result in lead conversion, brand awareness and revenue. With new devices and easier audience targeting, advertising will only grow.

Advertising on webpages has never been a bother to me. It is always something that I choose to ignore or skim over. In the beginning of internet advertising, back when I used AOL as my browser of choice and before there were guidelines, ads were all over the place; in my opinion, pop-up ads of all shapes and sizes may have been the worst. The introduction of guidelines have made them much more bearable and in some cases fun to interact with, for example, my choice of ad for this week’s class…the Fast and Furious internet ad from YouTube was quite enjoyable to explore.

Recently, something that I find to be interesting is Apple’s move to block mobile advertisements. Users who upgrade to the iPhone 9.0 software, while using safari will not see mobile ads. This is interesting because if many other browsers decide to do this, Apple or otherwise, will advertising have to look to new ways to display their messages online? Will paid sponsored content be blocked as well, considering this is a form of advertising? This small change that Apple has started may change the way we view ads on the internet. I am interested to see if this will become a trend and how the advertising industry will respond.

In regards to new media, I am also interested in seeing how Public Relations will develop with much of it becoming damage control with companies, celebrities and people who have become “viral” making mistakes that can easily be exchanged on social networks. Going back the idea of “privacy” on the internet, public relations tends to clean up the mess of those who do not have the idea of privacy or someone who may have been at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Going into damage control or general releases, PR people have many great choices on how to get out an apology or positive press release into the world. With new media, public relations can include photos or videos with their press releases to really get their message across which will lead to a bigger impact. With new technologies being developed, Public Relations will be able to make more of a difference in getting their message out in an organized manner and respond to the public in more effective ways.

At the conclusion of class and as of now, I still do not know which way I would like to go in regards of my track. BUT, I do see a lot of potential in both fields. With new technology appearing yearly and developing in real time, it will be exciting to be part of the development of new ways to connect with the public and send out an effective message, whether that be to gain revenue and brand awareness or to clean up someone’s social media mistake.


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