Looking Forward

Tuesday of last week resulted in our second to last class of this semester. Throughout the past several weeks I have enjoyed learning about digital communications – past, present and future. It was interesting to hear my classmates’ thoughts as well as the interesting topics discussed in class. This past week’s class was all about the future of communications which happens to be a topic that offers so much as well as a lot of speculation as to where technology may lead us all, I wanted to specifically talk about three items, TV, Drones and Artificial Intelligence and where I may see them in the future.


As I discussed in class, I am interested to see where the future of television may lie. In my own opinion, I can see cable companies “debundling” packages. And the future has already started…television packages will become pay for what you want. For example, I wonder when the last time it was that I watched anything on the GOLF Channel, why am I paying for something I don’t watch? Why do I have to click through hundreds of unused channels and pay for them when I don’t even so much stop to take a look? Cable companies will for sure turn to pay what you watch type packages. This will create much more competition amongst channels to have premium shows and create content that people will want to pay for. Will it break down so much that we only pay for the shows we want to watch? Will I have to pay $15 so I can watch The Walking Dead for a whole season?

I could also see all channels becoming HD. I am a current Comcast customer but why do I have repeat, premium HD Channels as well as non-HD. Most TV’s made today have HD Capabilities, what is the point of even offering the non-HD Channels?


To be honest, Drones creep me out. I love the idea of propelling a small helicopter through the air and taking scenic pictures, but it goes too far when flying over people’s houses and eliminating their privacy. Laws need to be created to regulate so-called “hobby-ists” usage as well as those used for Journalism. As of right now, Drones cross a line, but who’s to say where that line is?

I think it is a curious idea that Amazon and Domino’s are experimenting with deliveries using Drones, but as a classmate said, I like seeing the sky. With millions of orders coming through daily, the sky could become littered with the little flying objects. Safety could become a huge concern, with so many drones flying around, delivering packages. I would rather not have debris from a drone crash landing on my home and starting a fire. It’s a clever idea, but I would prefer if it did not catch on.

Artificial Intelligence

As the years have passed, the idea of creating artificial intelligence has never seemed to go away. Scientists have been working on and moving forward with AI for quite some time, getting closer to creating what one may recognize as intelligence similar to that of human. Is it really possible though, for AI to exist? To become successful?

Artificial Intelligence, like Drones, creeps me out. I do not like the thought of something so unnatural, and complex existing. I believe that one day we will become close to AI similar to that of a human, but I do not see that coming any time in the near future. I think robots will continue to improve, even becoming something that is a societal norm, will they have a conscious similar to that of a human? Only time will tell but I would prefer to not have a disaster similar to that of I-Robot.

Digital Communications holds so much potential and it will be exciting to see where the future leads us and how our industries change and evolve.

Here’s to the future!


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