Pros and Cons of WordPress

Word Press offers many uses for new businesses looking to have their own spot on the internet. From the easy start up to the wide varieties of blog layouts, Word Press is a great platform for any one, from beginner to expert in website designing. From my experience with Word Press, I have come across some pros as well as cons with using the website.

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Some of my favorite features of Word Press, as stated before, is the easy start up and variety of layouts. I really like the minimalist style of my blog, which happened to be one of the first layouts I could choose. Besides blog layouts, they also have a good amount of layouts that display the blog but have a more professional website feel that you can customize easily. For those looking to track the stats of their website, the Stats tab on the My Site dashboard gives you the option of tracking the stats for the website in general, once you get to the individual blog post tab, you can individually track stats.

Another great feature of Word Press is the ability to share your blog via Facebook and other social networks with the simple click of a button. Just add your account to your dashboard and you will be able to promote to your followers easily. The main theme of Word Press is the ease of use.

Unfortunately, there are some cons with with Word Press. One of the main ones that, may be beneficial to some people, is that unless you know HTML or CSS, you are restricted to their layouts, which most are premium, meaning you have to pay.

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Another con is the lack of plans offered. From what I’ve experienced, there is a basic plan and a Business plan, which is quite pricey.┬áPlug-ins are also only available to those who have the Business plan. A reoccurring issue that I have also run into, which may just be on my end, is a problem with publishing my posts. Rather than posting them right away to the blog, they are normally scheduled for a later time, even when I press the “publish now” button.

Although Word Press started off for just blog use, it has turned into so much more than that. I can absolutely see it being used for enterprise purposes. With the tools they supply, any one can create a successful webpage with engaging content.